I’m currently a PhD candidate studying English Rhetoric and Composition at the University of South Florida. The “rhetoric” component of my degree generally means that I am proficient in applying strategies for positioning language persuasively and argumentatively for particular disciplines and audiences. The second part of my degree, “composition,” pertains to my training in the teaching of college writing: learning and practicing philosophies of teaching writing in the college classroom, consulting with students across the university disciplines about writing requirements for classes, senior/honors theses/journal articles/doctoral dissertations and university/professional applications, as well as managing my university’s writing center.  

  • What is writing “consulting”? 

Consulting about writing means communicating about the writing process in order to streamline and simplify its disparate aspects. These aspects include: idea-generation, pre-writing, outlining, drafting, revising, editing, polishing, and publishing (submitting for review/a grade). At the writing center, my responsibility is to train 25 graduate student writing consultants about philosophical and practical strategies for working with students on each of these components, providing student-writers with practical recommendations for accomplishing their short- and long-term writing goals efficiently and effectively.

  • Services

I work with students from across the disciplines, primarily on idea-generation, organization, revision, and editing of journal articles and dissertations, as well as on completing college/university applications, writing and revising statements of purpose, and creating and editing resumes. Despite these specialties, I do not limit my services exclusively to these tasks; I am credentialed to work with any student, in any stage of the writing process, on any assignment or professional writing goal. 

  • Please click here to download my resume
  • Please click here to access the writing consulting CONTRACT

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